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Black History Month Questionnaire

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Black History Month Questionnaire
by Jo Swan - Friday, 11 October 2019, 11:20 AM

 As you are aware October is Black History Month, and as such we are doing a competition to give students a chance to win a £20 voucher. Please fill out the below and send to

(Hint: The answers can be found on the display posters at both centres)

The Black History Month Questionnaire 

1.      What teenager challenged the segregation law before Rosa Parks?

2.      Who improvised the most famous speech of 1963?

3.      Who introduced inoculation to America?

4.      From what year is the earliest recorded protest against slavery?

5.      How many Africans are estimated to have landed in America during the Transatlantic Slave Trade

6.      What was the name of the first Historically Black College?

7.      How many “cowboys” were estimated to be of African descent?

8.      Who was the real Betty Boop?

9.      What was the name of the first licensed African American female pilot?

10.  During what period were interracial marriages banned in the US?

11.  What year did Dr Shirley Jackson receive her PhD?

12.  What did Elijah McCoy develop?

13.  Who coined the term “Laser Phaco”?

14.  Who was the first black scholarship athlete of the Big Seven Conference?

15.  Who was the first African American head coach in the National football League (NFL)